NamePositionEmailPlanbook Link
Mr. Rahul 
Mr. Chelsea Easter-RoseAssistant Principal 7th & 
Mr. Chad TaylorAssistant Principal 9th &  
Ms. Megan KinseyAssistant Principal 11th & 
Mr. Kevin ButlerDirector of School  
Mr. Michael LipphardtDirector of College  
Henry WrightHigh School 
Ms. Deb AquinoHigh School Englishdaquino@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link
Mr. Spencer ElliottHigh School Englishselliott@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link
Ms. Victoria HuberHigh School Englishvhuber@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link
Mrs. Ashley SciaccaHigh School Mentor Teacher ELAasciacca@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link
Ms. Shayna UdellMiddle School English Teachersudell@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link
Mr. Nick EversolePhysical Education & Healthneversole@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link
Ms. Amanda GriffinMusicagriffin@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link
Foreign Language   
Ms. Sydni FranksHigh School Spanishsfranks@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link
Ms. Maegan ShelburneHigh School Planbook Link
Latoya HillMiddle School Mathlhill@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link
Noah KaneMiddle School Planbook Link  
Mr. Samuel LamkinHigh School Mathslamkin@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link  
Ms. Aeriel ThompsonHigh School Mathaethompson@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link  
Mr. Michael LipphardtHigh School Planbook Link  
Ms. Rhondee CaldwellHigh School Sciencercaldwell@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link
Ms. Danielle HolseyHigh School Science

Planbook Link
Mrs. Sarah LipphardtHigh School Scienceslipphardt@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link
Social Studies   
Ms. Orieta HolmesHigh School Social Planbook Link
Mr. John MysliwiecMiddle School Social Studiesjmysliwiec@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link  
Ms. Lindsay NelsonHigh School Social Studieslynelson@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link
Mr. Carl TeagueHigh School Social Studiescteague@lhacs.orgPlanbook Link
Special Education   
Ms. Sharneice FulghamHigh School Special 
Ms. Courtney HammellHigh School Special Education 
Ms. Jessica DurkinHigh School Special