Team Profiles

Courtney Russell

Principal, Metropolitan Lighthouse Charter School
Lighthouse Academies’ team members benefit from being a part of a national network.

Being part of a national network is one of the things I value most about Lighthouse Academies. Not a day goes by where I don’t reach out to someone within my LHA network, whether it is our staff accountant in Framingham, who constantly provides me with answers to my questions and advice for challenges I am experiencing, or the BLCS Principal less than five miles away, who is a true inspiration in every sense of the word. Lighthouse Academies staff members are incredibly dedicated, bright, and passionate people who make my work each and every day a true pleasure.

Travis Brown

Principal, K-8, Bronx Lighthouse Charter School
Lighthouse Academies believes that Social and Emotional Development is as important as Rigorous Academics.

Social and emotional development is a key ingredient in creating scholars who are equipped to compete and shape the future of the world. The challenges and careers of tomorrow call for scholars to not only have strong academic skills, but also non-academic skills such as resilience, grit, creative thinking, and empathy. Schools should be designed to develop happy and empathetic human beings who have the academic and technical skills to make the world a much better place. I am proud to be school leader in the Lighthouse community where social and emotional skill development is a priority and scholar success is beyond the lens of test scores.

Tami Zwicke

Artist in Residence, North Point Lighthouse Charter School
Lighthouse Academies increases achievement through arts infusion.

Art Infusion increases achievement at Lighthouse Academies. When art infusion is embodied in learning, education can only be better. Students can visualize, memorize and learn in so many different ways. Creative approaches and projects create lessons that students thrive on. At NorthPoint Lighthouse, we use music, drama, mixed media, traditional arts as well as a hands on approach to create lessons that can be modified so all students at any level or any age can understand. Art infusion at Lighthouse Academies is fun, creative, educational, progressive approach that can be used at any level and any class. It is my job to help support learning in every class, to be proactive and work with other Lighthouse Academies so our students get the best education. Not only do I teach arts infusion in my art classes, but on Fridays at NorthPoint Lighthouse, we have Arts-Infused Fridays during which I go into classrooms to work hands on with teachers to promote more arts infusion in our learning.