Lighthouse looks to lead

School District 12 in the South Bronx has reported a low four-year graduation rate for its high school students ― 54.1 percent for the class of 2014.A charter school on Intervale Avenue is not only looking […]

Instrument donation helps Tulsa charter school expand music offerings

A new kind of music now fills the halls at Lighthouse Charter School.The squeaks of clarinets, honks of trumpets and bangs of cymbals being played by beginners is music to the ears of everyone excited about […]

Bronx Lighthouse Charter Renewed

We are pleased to announce that our charter for the Bronx Lighthouse Charter School located in Bronx, NY, has been renewed. Bronx Lighthouse Charter School opened in 2004 with 128 scholars in grades K through 2.  This […]


We are pleased to announce that our charter has been renewed for another three years. Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School opened in 2009 for 344 scholars in grades K-6.  Today we serve more than 800 scholars in grades […]

Tulsa Public Schools gets Gates grant to improve charter collaboration

Tulsa Public Schools is among five districts nationwide selected for a partnership that officials say should help improve collaboration with charter schools.Through the partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Tulsa Public Schools will receive […]