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The Lantern Difference

The Lantern Difference is based on an approach that nurturing minds includes more than offering instruction. Our students learn in a nurturing, joyous, engaging and empowering environment that combines the fun of summer camp with a research-based approach to student motivation and literacy.

Our approach infuses literacy into every component of learning and includes a range of experiences, interactions, and manipulations with listening, speaking, reading and writing designed to develop a love of reading. Our students learn to comprehend, analyze, and critically respond to what they read and hear. 

At Lantern, we don't focus merely on students providing the "correct" answers. It is the unique "how" our students are prepared to activate their hopes and dreams and to affect positive change and a significant impact on the community around them. At Lantern, learning is truly rigorous and fun!

Program Offerings

  • Research the history and trends in street art

  • Brainstorm current social issues

  • Learn about symbolism in art and writing

  • Collaboratively paint a mural that addresses a social issue

  • Write a poem inspired by the mural and host a poetry slam

  • Celebrate with a mural unveiling!

  • Use market analysis to determine a restaurant concept

  • Create a mood board, outlining the theme of the restaurant

  • Learn about flavor profiles and create recipes from scratch

  • Learn about money management and profit margins

  • Create marketing materials

  • Celebrate with a grand opening!

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 8.21.55 PM.png
  • Learn about song structure and compare it to poetry

  • Brainstorm topics and create a song with a team

  • Go through the pitch process and create a pitch deck

  • Create a story board and shot list

  • Produce a music video with original lyrics

  • Celebrate with a premier party!

Let’s Work Together

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