Strategic Planning & Pilots

Strategic Planning

To facilitate strategic planning, the RDS Team partners with school and regional leaders to analyze data, conduct research, and identify high yield strategies in the following areas:

  • Creating the annual Culture of Achievement Plan
  • Planning the Professional Development Institute for teachers
  • Developing curriculum¬† and selecting instructional resources
  • Preparing data analysis for charter renewal applications
  • Crafting recruitment and talent management plans
  • Designing teacher evaluation, recognition and compensation models
  • Implementing protocols to facilitate collaboration and collective problem solving


Pilot Projects

During 2013-2014, the RDS Team designed and led the following pilot projects for schools in our Network:

  • 360 Surveys in Mid-Year Performance Reviews
  • Teacher Evaluations grounded in on-going observations and feedback
  • Implementing an online platform to provide teachers with personalized feedback and differentiated development
  • STEAM Curriculum
  • School Climate Audit
  • Student Surveys
  • Demonstration classroom

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