Name Position E-Mail
Ryan Gall  Principal
Chelsea Easter-Rose  Assistant Principal of Instruction  chelsea.easter-rose
Michael Lipphardt  Senior Director of College and Career Advising  michael.lipphardt
Chad Taylor  Director of School Culture (7-9th)
Ma’at Lands  Director of School Culture (10-12th)  ma’at.lands
Courtney Hammell  Director of Student Services  courtney.hammell
Avience Brown  8th Grade English
Lindsey Gilbert  9th Grade English
Cindy Martin  11/12th Grade English
Joshua Julian  7th Grade English
Ashley Sciacca  10th Grade English, ACP English, ISTEP English
Amanda Griffin  Music
Andre Wadley  Physical Education
Abigail Wolf  Art
Wendy Seale  Spanish 2 & 3
Maegan Shelburne  Spanish 1, Health
James Fidler  Pre-Calculus, ISTEP Mathematics
Rahul Jyoti  8th Grade Mathematics (Athletic Director)
Noah Kane  7th Grade Mathematics
Samuel Lamkin  Algebra 1, Principles of Engineering
Sarah Lipphardt  Algebra 2, ACP Calculus, AP Computer Science
Adam Bogs  Physics, Chemistry
Joel Karl  7th Grade Science
Emily Ginder  Biology, AP Environmental Science
Danielle Holsey  Integrated Chemistry-Physics,  MS PLTW Science
Brad Allred  Economics
Griffin Henricks  7th Grade Social Studies
Megan Kinsey  US History,  ACP US History, Government
Lindsay Nelson  Geography & History of the World
Benjamin Wallace  8th Grade Social Studies
LaReese Blue  Special Education
Jessica Durkin  Special Education
Tamara Graves  Special Education
Bruce Wooldridge  Special Education
Navonda Adams  Counselor
Henry Wright  Counselor
Isaac Smith  Coaching Center
Shanita Redd  Coaching Center