Name Position E-Mail
Principal (PAL) Banks, Tyneasha
Manager of Operations Anderson, Sequoia
PE Teacher Anderson, Tyrone
Director of College Transition Beck, Jenna
ELA Teacher Bowerman, Kyra
Behavior Interventionist Cheesebourough, George
ELA Teacher Council, Kathryn
Music Teacher Dixson, Chip
Music Teacher Gil, Osvaldo
SPED Coordinator Glenn, Randall
Math Teacher Graham, Lauren
SPED Teacher Greenwade, Whitney
Math Teacher Hein, Tucker
MS Science Holthouse, Luke
Social Studies Teacher (HS) Howard, Drew
Social Studies Teacher Johnson, Jordan
Art Teacher Kruegar, Daryl
MS Math Teacher Mays, Shelby
Spanish Teacher Merelles Melisa
Physics Teacher Miller, James (Jimmy)
Chemistry Teacher Nelson,Sophia
Dean (SCC) Nuttall, Matt
ELA/SS Teacher Price, Kathryn
Social Studies Teacher Stricker, Amanda
Math Teacher Tetrick, Jennifer
SPED Teacher Ungrecht, Jessica
English Teacher Wampler, Theresa
Science Teacher Webb, Natalie
Social Studies Teacher Williams, Tramaine
Assistant Principal (AP) Wolley, Jeremy
Instructional Asst. Wright, William
Nurse Wynn, Sheila