Lighthouse Academies has transformed thousands of students’ lives, moving them toward college and lifelong success. We have achieved this with a three-pronged approach — Rigorous Academics, Social Development and Arts Infusion. Each focus area is powerful on its own, but together they promote learning and comprehension on an extraordinary scale.

Rigorous Academics

True to our uncompromising focus on preparing every student for college, we have extended our school year (to 190 days) and school day (to 8 hours).

Lighthouse Academies uses a variety of assessments and data tools to inform instruction, identify areas of growth and increase student achievement throughout the network.

(The main sources of data are [1] interim assessments based on Common Core standards, [2] state assessments, [3] NWEA Measures of Academic Progress [MAP] / Primary Grades Assessment [PGA] and [4] curricular assessments aligned with state and Common Core standards.)

To accommodate different learning styles, classroom instruction includes a mix of whole-class, small group and individual work.

Social Development

Lighthouse Academies believes that attention to social/emotional and soft skills development is as importunate as the academic curriculum.  We support our scholars in their capacity to engage collaboratively, be disciplined in their academic and personal pursuits and contribute in meaningful ways to their community.

Steering the Social Development of our school communities are the five character traits of our SHINE (Self-Discipline, Humility, Intelligence, Nobility, Excellence) program and the supporting actionable skills known as our Habits of Scholars.  Together these attributes and actions foster excellent work among staff and students, and inspire meaningful contribution to the learning community.

Habits of Scholars for K-12:

  • Active Community Membership
  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Self-Direction and Management


Arts Infusion

Lighthouse Academies’ teachers strive to infuse art activities and techniques into the instruction of all core subjects.

When this is achieved, it activates and engages students in learning activities and can strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking skills – adding to overall academic achievement and school success. As such, Lighthouse Academies has an ongoing commitment to expand the use of the arts throughout all its schools.