What is Arts Infusion?

At Lighthouse Academies, an arts-infused school is a place where the arts permeate school culture.

Every day, visual arts, movement, music and other forms of creative expression (drama, poetry, speech) are integral parts of the teaching and learning processes.

The Lighthouse Academies arts infusion model consists of two domains: 1) incorporating the arts into academic instruction, and 2) daily exposure to master artists and works of art.

Why Arts Infusion?

Research shows that arts infusion is a powerful approach to teaching that enhances student learning and increases student engagement in education. By providing students with creative ways of learning and applying core content knowledge, the arts enhance students’ understanding and retention of skills and concepts. 

Based on the research, we believe arts-infused instruction is an effective way to activate student interest, a better way to engage students in learning and an alternative way to assess student understanding of content and concepts. At Lighthouse Academies we put the power of the arts to work for our students through a comprehensive arts infusion program. 

Components of Arts Infusion

  • Collaboration: Teachers collaborate regularly with other teachers – including arts specialist teachers – to create, plan and co-teach arts-infused lessons.  Teachers dedicate time to plan arts-infused instruction within and across grade levels. 

  • Instruction: Arts infusion fundamentally changes the nature of the lessons teachers teach. By infusing the arts into their planning, teachers create new and better assignments in every core subject – math, English language arts, science, social studies and foreign language. These assignments range from single-lesson activities to longer projects developed over the course of an entire unit of material.  In all cases, art provides students with a creative means of learning and/or applying the skills and knowledge from the core curriculum. Furthermore, teachers regularly incorporate exposure to master works of art and artists in order to expand students’ knowledge base of different cultures, artistic movements, and to increase their overall appreciation for different forms of expression. 

  • Student Outcomes: The efficacy of all instruction, including arts-infused instruction, is measured by student outcomes. Successful implementation of an arts-infused program should result in student mastery of learning objectives. Arts infusion provides a means to achieving this mastery, and it also can be used as an alternative way to assess students’ ability to think critically about the content and concepts they are studying. 

Sample Lesson Plans