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Restorative Practices

As educators we have two responsibilities. We must prepare students to achieve academically, but just as importantly, we must prepare our students to persevere through personal and political injustices, to solve problems collaboratively, and to self-regulate and self-manage. We need our students of today, our leaders of tomorrow, to learn the skills and values of compromise, restitution, mediation and the importance of relationship.
Restorative Practices

Get Results

With onsite or virtual support LHA can help schools or districts with:
  1. Defining the current reality. LHA can work with local leaders to collect data to allow teachers, students, families, and leaders to fully understand the impact of current practices on student learning and social development. We call this making the case.
  2. Creating a restorative vision. LHA can work with teams to create a realistic and unified vision of restorative practices and help create a rollout plan for implementation. We call this making it real.
  3. Driving commitment to restorative practices/ LHA can work with leadership teams and or student groups to establish empower local champions to establish a strong foundation for restorative practices. We call this making a difference for students.
  4. Revising policies and procedures. LHA can, with approval of local boards, modify codes of conduct and student handbooks to adequately set the stage for restorative work. We call this making it possible.

Our Accomplishments

In the Lighthouse Academies network, 17 schools in five states have successfully implemented restorative practices. Out of school suspensions have been reduced by 80% in just two years.

Join The Movement

Eliminate punitive, counter-productive, and outdated school disciplinary practices (out of school suspension-for example) and replace traditional and ineffective behavior management systems with highly effective restorative practices.


As an Educational Liaison I work with schools around Indiana to insure appropriate programs for students who are active with DCS. I have never had the pleasure to work with more caring and creative educators than at Lighthouse Charter. They provide outstanding educational and behavioral support to the students in their care. They are also most collaborative in creating “out of the box” solutions for kids. They provide Restorative Justice when finding a solution. I have seen many schools that say they do this but Lighthouse is the only one I have found that models this. These schools are a model for others to follow. Thanks for all you do for kids and for supporting such a gifted staff. // Mary Jo Dare, Ed.D
The fundamental premise of restorative practices is that people are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes when those in authority do things with them, rather than to them for them. // Ted Wachtel, International Institute for Restorative Practices

From Our Students

“I didn’t know you even liked me. I always wanted to be friends but thought you hated me. Now I know that’s not true.” (Two girls talking on the Peace Path after a verbal confrontation)
I learned you don’t have to lie – people are here to help me when I make mistakes.”  (A boy who stole a candy from a desk and then lied about taking it, the teacher and the boy walked the Peace Path)
“I didn’t want to talk about it with her but it felt better after we did.” (Two girls talking through a conflict on the Peace Path)
“I found out it didn’t have to be a fight – after talking about it I found out it was just a misunderstanding.”  (Two girls talking after a fight)
“I didn’t think anybody liked me. I found out that I just THOUGHT people were talking about me but it wasn’t true.”  (A boy after talking through an issue with a girl.)
“Now I know why they call it the Peace Path. I feel much more peaceful now.  (A boy talking through a verbal confrontation with another boy.)

White Paper: A Case for Restorative Action

For additional details on Lighthouse’s approach, please download our white paper:

Lighthouse Academies: A Case for Restorative Action

Restorative Playbook

Restorative Playbook – July 2017

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