We are pleased to announce new Principals at Lighthouse College Prep Academy (LCPA) and at Gary Lighthouse Charter School (GLCS) Upper Academy.

Ms. Angela West joins Lighthouse College Prep Academy (LCPA) as Principal on July 1, 2014.  She comes to us from 21st Century Charter School, where she has been Principal for the last five years.  In 2013, Ms. West had a 100% graduation rate (one of only six principals in the state with a 100% graduation rate) with one student graduating with an Associate’s Degree already.  She led her school to the #1 school in Math growth and the #2 school in English Language Arts growth in 2010 and received an A rating in 2011.  She spent six years as an Assistant Principal as well as eight years teaching and coaching.  Ms. West holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Ball State University as well as a Master of Education in Curriculum Development from Indiana Wesleyan University.  She is currently working toward her ED.D in Curriculum and Instruction at Oakland City University.  Ms. West is dedicated to ensuring the best education and college opportunities for her scholars.

LCPA serves approximately 700 scholars from grades 8-12 and is located at 725 Clark Road in Gary.  LCPA prepares scholars academically, socially and culturally for success in college – and beyond.

Ms. Charlotte Jackson joins Gary Lighthouse Charter School (GLCS) Upper Academy as Principal on July 1, 2014.  Ms. Jackson comes to us from East Chicago Urban Enterprise Academy, where she was the founding Principal and has led the school for the last nine years. She led the growth of the school from grades K-4 to grades K-8, doubling the number of scholars.  She achieved consistent improvement in standardized testing over five years with an overall gain of 20%.  She introduced a character education program and a positive-based intervention system.  Ms. Jackson has ten years of elementary teaching experience.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in communication from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Arts in educational leadership from Governors State University.

GLCS Upper Academy serves approximately 540 scholars from grades 3-7 and is located at 1775 West 41st Street in Gary.

Both schools are a part of the Lighthouse Academies nonprofit network of charter schools.  Our schools provide opportunities for children to discover, achieve, and prepare for success in college, incorporating an arts-infused philosophy.  We develop children’s critical decision-making skills to prepare them for success in life.  We work relentlessly to achieve these outcomes through a self-sustaining financial model to transform children’s futures