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Lantern Learning provides out-of-school services for students in grades 3-8. Our project based learning offerings can be implemented as a five week summer camp, or a semester long after school program. At Lantern, student curiosity drives rigorous learning in an authentic and community-supported way.

Our Pillars

Student Voice & Choice

At Lantern, students are in the driver's seat of their own learning. We encourage them to take an active role in their education, allowing them to select the project they would like to pursue and take ownership of the results. Students interact with mentors, decision-makers, and staff to receive feedback that will help them continue to build their knowledge and experience.

Student Voice & Choice

Literacy Driven

Our experienced staff and mentors are committed to helping our students develop the skills they need to succeed in the real world. Through our innovative curriculum, literacy is embedded in every lesson.  It is designed to push students to read, write and speak at professional levels as they pitch ideas and receive approval for their projects. 

Literacy Driven

Authentic & Real world challenges

We create real-world projects that students can work on with adults, that teach them valuable skills and give them the opportunity to present their work publicly.
Students are encouraged to be creative and inquisitive. Our projects provide students with the opportunity to explore, to think critically, and to make a difference in the world.

Authentic & REAL World Challenges

Community Partnerships

We value building strong partnerships with the local community. Through our community partnerships, students are granted the opportunity to interact with members of the community and gain insight from their expertise. These partnerships provide students with the chance to think through challenges at an authentically professional level.

Community Partnerships

Core Offerings

Kids in Art Class

After-School Programming

Our After-School Program offers students a unique opportunity to further develop their academic and social skills. We offer a range of programs such as art, music, and entrepreneurship that will help students explore their interests and foster meaningful connections with their peers and community. Our program is designed to be engaging and fun while also providing a safe and secure setting for students to thrive.

Curriculum, Music Video
Curriculum, Artists for change
Curriculum, Launch your own restaurant

Lantern Curriculum

Our Project-Based Curriculum offers unique, authentic, and fun real-world challenges that provide students with choice and voice in their learning. Our literacy-rich and standards-aligned program redefines teaching and learning for the 21st century world! At Lantern, learning is truly rigorous and FUN

Hand Pile of Happy Group

Summer Enrichment

Our Summer Enrichment services provide out-of-school learning opportunities for students in grades 3-8. Our project-based learning is implemented in a 5-week summer camp, where student curiosity drives rigorous learning in an authentic and community-supported way. With our experienced team, we ensure that your child has an engaging and meaningful summer experience.

Professional Development

Professional Development

For schools that wish to tap into the magic of project based learning, Lantern provides professional development focused on successful PBL implementation.  We know that no two schools are alike. Whether it's a one time engagement, or a year-long partnership, Lantern will tailor your professional development experience to meet your needs.



Special Populations

Our program offers a comprehensive approach to helping English Language Learners and students with disabilities build the skills and confidence to succeed. Our services include language development, collaboration, self expression, confidence building, empowerment, and critical thinking. We provide key support to ensure that these students have the tools they need to thrive.


Gifted Learners

At Lantern, we understand the unique needs of gifted learners. Our program provides key support to help them reach their full potential. Through differentiated instruction, depth and complexity, social-emotional learning, authenticity, inquiry, and executive functioning, we provide a supportive learning environment that supports their needs and encourages growth.


Funding Solutions

Our services qualify as a reimbursable expense for several state and federal grants, supplementing your academic model. With professional development and resources designed to overcome learning loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic our offerings support social-emotional learning and prepare students for the 21st century. Our team of experts will support your team with grant management, providing what is necessary for reimbursement.


Fewer than 2 in 5 U.S. students read proficiently in the United States


More than half of all states have declined in reading proficiency since 2019

Literacy in America continues to decline. Let us change the narrative together!

Data Source: National Assessment of Educational Progress, 2022

< 20%

Fewer than 1 in 5 African American and Hispanic students read proficiently

"This program is AMAZING. I LOVE IT.

Middle School Principal

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